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Presenting the NeoLife BUSINESS!

After getting acquainted, approach new person with simple question:

(F-O-R-M = family, occupation, recreation & money used for getting acquainted)

If their need is health-related

ďAre you open to looking at some natural ways of supporting your body to deal with this challenge?"

  • If they say "yes, what is it?" -- You can say ďI am new to this but I have a much more experienced partner who can give you the information that will help.Ē

  • If they say yes than ask them for 3 times that are good for you to call them back with your partner

  • In the meantime send them to    OR . . . .

If their interest is financial freedom:

ďA lot of people today are looking for ways to earn additional income.  Is this something you might be interested in?Ē 

  • Or, another way of approaching it would be to say something like ďThis may or may not be for you and thatís okay but I know a lot of people today are looking for ways to earn additional income. Is that something you might be interested in?Ē

  • If they say "yes, what it is? you can tell them that itís a home-based business that allows you to own your life -- "...but rather than me telling you about it, all you have to do is go to this website:  -- or if you have your own ďsub websiteĒ you would send them to    It can do much better job of explaining how our business works and how you generate income."  

  • "After you look at the site we can get together and if youíre interested I will give you your first step in getting started. Sound good? "

  • "GREAT!  When do you plan to look at the website?"

  • Itís important to get a commitment of when they are going to the website and then set a follow-up appointment   Write it down in your planner; if on the phone, let them know you are writing it down so they know you are serious and get contact information if you donít have it. 

When getting together NEXT, in person or on phone, ask what got their attention

In most instances they will be interested to learn more.  Donít try to answer their questions -- the more you talk the more you lose -- but rather, suggest a 3-way call with your sponsor to answer questions.

  • ďThatís a great question letís do a 3-way call with my up line sponsor and I will listen because thatís how I learn.Ē    (Note: This is where the 3rd person being called will use the business brochure to present the business and then have a link for them to print it out)

  • This does 2 things: 1) lets them know they donít have to memorize a lot of scripts or have a lot of answers because that will always be the responsibility of the sponsor.  2) That there are 2 people supporting them, not just one and that this is easy to duplicate.

  • Another response might be, "I liked the website and I see how money can be made but it doesnít really tell me anything about your company, product or business." Your response will always be the same: ďYouíre right so letís do a 3-way call with my upline sponsor; they can explain all that to you and I will listen because thatís how I learn.Ē

  • Even when youíre at the point that you can answer their questions itís still a good idea to involve a 3rd person for support.

  • As your business grows, this might be another member of your success team.

If they say they are not interested for whatever reason, just say. . . . .

  • "Thatís fine, I know this isnít for everybody, but would you happen to know anyone who might be interested in earning additional income from home?Ē

  • Or, ďThatís fine, thank you for being comfortable enough with me to be honest.  Would this be something you might be interested in looking at further on down the road? Maybe the time will be right for you then.Ē  Just get permission to stay in touch.

If they make the decision to partner with you in the business, you can go online and sign them right up.  You must still arrange a 3-way with your upline sponsor or they will miss a valuable training and demonstration of your system of support.  The system is so simple they can turn right around and do the same thing you just showed them

If they say theyíre still not ready:

  • You might ask a question like, ďOn a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being, Ďno, Iím not interestedí to 10 being 'Yahoo! Iím ready, letís goí -- where would you say you are right now?"

  • If their response is anything above a 1, you can say ďWhat could I do to make that a ten?Ē
    This will help clarify their answer and help you to know whatís holding them back

Thatís the very simple system for introducing someone to our wonderful GNLD opportunity.


PDF version of "Presenting the Business" - to print out


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