Dr. Andre McDonald
A Prescription for Success

As a medical doctor, Andre McDonald was skeptical when one of his patients showed him a product called "Tre-En-En," saying that it would increase his energy and make him fell better.  Like any good scientist, Dr. McDonald began to research Tre-En-En and other NeoLife products.  "If I'm going to use or recommend a product it has to be both safe and beneficial."  Dr. McDonald began taking Tre-En-En himself -- and immediately noticed an increase in his energy level!  He then began researching the science behind the product and was enormously impressed.  "I have never before found a company so willing to provide scientific literature.  I can stand before my medical colleagues and quote clinical studies supporting the use of these products.  This is very important to me."

Dr. McDonald's experience with NeoLife has led to more than improved health. He has bolstered his personal income and found joy in helping many others. "While it took seven years for me to become a medical doctor, it has taken less than three years with NeoLife to surpass my monthly salary as a doctor.  The NeoLife opportunity is non-discriminating.  No matter what education or previous work experience someone has, they can experience financial liberation through this opportunity.  With NeoLife you can choose your own destiny, write your own check -- even if you've previously been conditioned to work for others."

Dr. McDonald is also impressed by the fact that this is a business made successful by Distributors helping others to be successful.  "In what other business does someone want those they recruit to be more successful than themselves? Everyone is motivated to help others. A a doctor, I have touched the lives of many people over the years, but with NeoLife, I can physically, mentally, and financially touch the lives of exponentially more people than I ever could as a doctor."

When asked if the future of his team looks bright, Dr. McDonald responds with Jamaican charm, "Without a shadow of a doubt."